The Galleria is thrilled to announce the opening of their new children’s play area---
The Little Galleria presented by MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital. The play
area is a unique design which mirrors the outside of The Galleria. If you haven’t had
a chance to see it, please do so. It is located on 2nd level, in front of Borders.

The play area is a partnership between The Galleria and MD Anderson Children’s
Cancer Hospital. Through the play area, The Galleria hopes to bring awareness
and education on childhood cancers. This will be done through educational
opportunities and events.

The play area brings a tremendous amount of opportunities for the retailers. It’s a
great avenue to participate in giving back to MD Anderson Children’s Cancer
Hospital, and impact children’s lives in a positive way.   

Private Playtime Event
On August 28, MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital  hosted a private playtime.

Their retailers participated in various ways:

·        Exclusive promotions/offers in store
·        Donating a percentage of sales back to MD Anderson’s Children’s Hospital
·        Donating products for children’s or mom’s swag bag

Information on MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital
While more children die annually of cancer than any other disease in America, few
hospitals are dedicated solely to diagnosing and treating childhood cancers.  
Fewer still include a research component.  The MD Anderson Children's Cancer
Hospital is a renowned exception -- setting the pace for pediatric oncology.

As part of the #1 Cancer Center in the nation, the Children's Cancer Hospital offes
therapies and leading-edge technologies that aren't available at most children's
hospitals, including Proton Therapy, BrainSUITE, enhanced diagnostic imaging,
robotic surgery, and access to new groundbreaking therapies found nowhere else
in the world. MD Anderson is also the only hospital in the region to provide pediatric

The Children's Cancer Hospital also has an intense commitment to making more
clinical trials available to children, adolescents and young adults.

A few Facts:
·        For more than 60 years, the Children's Cancer Hospital has been making
cancer history® for pediatric patients.
·        The only Hospital in Texas dedicated solely to caring for children, adolescents
and young adults with cancer.
·        We care for over 2,000 children, adolescents and young adults from all over
the world annually.
·        Because our primary focus is cancer, we see more types of cancer than any
other hospital in Houston or Texas.
·        We treat the whole child, not just the cancer. Patients have access to many
services and programs, and care is family-centered.   

Approximately 65 children attended the event with $50 coming in per family :)